How to Create Poll in Zoom App

How to Create Poll in Zoom App

Zoom app polling allows you to create quick surveys that are instantly accessible to participants during a meeting or webinar. You can use these surveys to ask questions, collect feedback, or present the results of the survey at the end of the meeting.

1. Enable polling in your Zoom app and your account (for all users)

You can enable the poll feature for all your Zoom meetings and webinars by logging into the Zoom portal, clicking on “Meetings” from the navigation menu, then scrolling to the Poll option. This will show you the polls you have created in the past, and allow you to create new ones.

2. Add a poll in the Zoom app

You can add polls to your meetings by selecting “Add a Poll” from the meeting details page or the upcoming meeting page on the Canvas module. The poll will be available for the attendees to view on the agenda page both in Admin View and Attendee View.

3. Complete a poll and add questions to it

When creating a poll in the Zoom app, you can include up to 25 questions per poll. Each question can be either single choice or multiple choice, and you can also choose whether you want to make the poll anonymous – in which case the answers will not be shown on the screen during the session or on any reports generated later.

4. Change the order of the questions in your polls by clicking and dragging them around the screen. You can also delete a question by clicking on it and selecting the rubbish bin or copy symbol underneath.

5. Download the results from a poll by clicking on the report link at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have finished downloading the results from a poll, you can share them with your students during the meeting or make a recording of the poll for use in the future.

6. Re-launch a poll in your Zoom meetings

Once a poll has been launched in a Zoom meeting, you can re-launch it for the attendees to answer again or share the results with the other attendees in the meeting. Re-launching a poll will remove all the previous results and start over again with the poll.

7. Create advanced polls and quizzes in your Zoom meetings

Advance Polls can be created before or during a meeting, and provide a wider range of questions including single choice, multiple-choice, matching, rank order, short answer, long answer, fill in the blank, rating scale and quiz. For more information about how to use this feature, see the Zoom guide Advanced polling and quizzes for meetings.

8. How to launch a poll in a Zoom meeting by clicking on it

To launch a poll during a Zoom meeting, start the scheduled meeting and click on the polls button. The polls will then appear in the list of sessions on the agenda page both on the Admin View and Attendee View. When the poll is completed, click on “End Poll” to stop it or “Re-launch Polling” to launch it again.

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