How to Make Dandelion Syrup by Yourself

How to Make Dandelion Syrup by Yourself

Dandelion syrup is a simple yet delicious recipe that has become popular on TikTok – and for good reason! This sweet and floral syrup is a great way to use up all those summer dandelions.

It is also very easy to make! You can get up to four small jars from one harvest.

First, you must pick dandelion flowers (or a mixture of petals and leaves). Don’t pick dandelions that have been sprayed with weed killer as this can harm the health of your family.

Wash your dandelion flowers and pour them into a pot with water. Cover them and allow to steep overnight.

After a couple of hours, drain the flowers and add lemon slices, vanilla bean, and sugar. Bring the liquid to a boil, and then simmer until it becomes a thin syrup.

In the end, you can bottle and store your dandelion syrup in sterilized jars. The finished syrup will keep for months if stored properly.

You can enjoy your dandelion syrup as is or with other sweeteners. It is delicious served with pancakes, poured over yogurt or oats or used in drinks such as coffee and tea!

The dandelion flowers in this recipe have a delicate and subtle flavour that is almost like honey. The addition of the lemon juice and sugar gives it a sweeter, more aromatic finish.

To avoid dandelion syrup crystallising over time, you need to store it in a cool and dark place. This will ensure that it keeps its good quality.

Before storing your dandelion syrup, test the consistency and cook it for longer if you need to thicken it.

When the dandelion syrup has thickened enough, pour it into sterilized jars and seal them immediately. Then, label them with the date you bottled the syrup.

You can then put this dandelion syrup in the fridge, and it will last for up to six months. If you want to use it up sooner, the syrup can be made into jams or jellies.

This is a delicious alternative to honey, and is also very good for you. It is a natural, plant-based sweetener that has antioxidants and nutrients.

It is also a great treatment for skin issues, liver problems and stomach pains. It also helps to remove toxins from the body, especially kidney and bladder infections.

The dandelion flower is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help the body fight disease. It is also a good source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamin C, and iron.

In traditional herbal medicine, dandelion is known as a bitter tonic. It stimulates appetite, improves digestion and aids the bile flow.

You can drink dandelion tea, make dandelion tincture or mix a teaspoon into a glass of hot water. It is also said to relieve a headache and reduce fatigue, and can be useful for lowering blood pressure.

Dandelions are a nutrient-dense, edible plant that grows all year round in the United States and Europe. They are an important source of vitamins and minerals, and they are also high in fiber. The entire plant is a useful food, from the leaves to the roots and flowers.

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